What is a carbon offset and how do they work?

What is it?

A carbon offset happens when you avoid or remove the same amount of carbon emissions that you caused elsewhere in the environment. It has the same net impact as if your emissions never occurred.

Carbon offsets fund projects that support sequestration (e.g. reforestation) OR projects that prevent greenhouse emission gases from being produced or entering the atmosphere in the first place (e.g. renewable energy, methane capture).

How does the offset work?

When an offset is purchased, you're purchasing the rights to offset the emissions your action creates.

When you offset, you're not only decreasing the emissions that you're responsible for, you are supporting the growth of renewable energy. For more, see this page, "How can renewable energy offset your online order's delivery?"

ALL of our shipments are carbon-neutral, at no cost to our customers. We use Cloverly for our offset.

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