• Brushing your teeth is a great time to slow down. If you normally rush, try brushing a bit slower and intentionally focusing on areas that might need special attention. Great for your oral health, easy on your bathroom since it also cuts down on toothpaste splatter. Try our bamboo toothbrush.
  • The longer you leave our remineralizing toothpowder in your mouth, the more nutrients will be absorbed.
  • Recommended and safe for sensitive teeth.
  • Have bad breath? Cure it with our Tongue Cleaner 
  • Looking to optimize your oral care routine? Per the advice of Dr. Steven Koral (DMD Harvard) and the team at Boulder Holistic Dentistry: take Fulvic Mineral Complex (to feed your teeth and gums from the inside out). This has been game a changer for us and thousands more.
  • To recycle your glass jar and metal lid, remove the labels and lid liner first, then put in your recycle bin. Or, wash and reuse it - great in the kitchen or bathroom to store anything from homemade jams to baking soda (to use as a scrub on your skin - add some skin fuel to baking soda and gently exfoliate your skin!).

Already using a natural brand of toothpaste? Learn about the Not So Good Ingredients in "Natural" Toothpaste.

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