Brush gently at a 45-degree angle using a light circular motion, paying close attention to getting under the gumline.

Instruction on how to use a toothbrush? Really? Well...yes. Most of us were only shown once by a dentist or hygienist as a kid. And those instructions may have missed two key parts — the angle to hold the brush and the optimal brush to use.

Unlike most toothbrushes, our toothbrush encourages a light touch. Its shorter handle is designed to be held by a just few fingers vs a fist. Subtle, but important. And with an intentional design of fewer bristles — ours has 192 bristles vs the hundreds (sometimes thousands) found in typical brushes — it is far more effective at cleaning under the gumline.

Fingertip control encourages a lighter touch and offers greater precision. This makes it easier to direct the toothbrush head throughout your mouth and along the gumline where many oral health issues occur if not properly cared for.

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