• Use topically – help heal and relieve bee stings, bug bites, cuts. Add a few drops to a mister to create a simple, powerful way to transdermally feed the cells in your face with a powerful nutrient.
  • DIY electrolyte – Add 1 pinch of Himalayan sea salt (or another quality salt) and 1 pinch of Epsom salts to a water bottle along with 5 drops of Fulvic Mineral Complex. Add fresh citrus and maple syrup for added nutrients (and flavor) if desired.
  • Simple method to spot cheap / watered down version of Fulvic Trace Minerals: many companies water their products down – we don’t. Want an easy way to spot these? Check the color -- a potent FTM should have a deep dark, nearly opaque color. (Keep in mind just because it IS dark doesn’t mean it has a high level of fulvic acid, it could have more carbon)

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