• Don’t forget to moisturize after dry brushing - Along with dead skin Dry Brushing (exfoliating) removes our body's natural oils. The skin needs its oil replenished. Keep in mind, lotions are mostly water with a small % of oil (and contain preservatives that are bad for the biome).
  • Like a toothbrush, a dry brush should be replaced when you see signs of wear. Bristles eventually start to relax (or bend over time). depending on the usage every 6 months to 12 months. 
  • For proper care and longevity: 1. Store your brush outside of the shower and away from moisture. 2. Wash your brush every week with a gentle, natural soap (like our 3 in 1 Bar). A mixture of baking soda and water works well too.
  • Try a hot and cold shower following your dry brushing session. Known as balneotherapy, or hydrotherapy, it has been shown to boost your immune system and “rev” your circulatory system. - in fact this ancient technique has proven, beneficial effects on your entire body.

Don’t forget the armpits when you dry brush! There are lots of lymph nodes there (axillary nodes) that greatly benefit from stimulation/detoxifying. In fact the armpits and groin have the greatest concentration of lymph nodes.

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