How we extend the life of our razor blades (50-75 or more uses)

1. Start with a high-quality blade, the best we found is Gillette Mach3... Simple 3 head design, great engineering, and no silly features. And most importantly, the best steel available so it holds its edge longer.

2. Rinse the blades thoroughly with hot water until clean.

3. Shake off excess water and tap the back of the cartridge on a towel. You can also blow into the back of the cartridge head to push out water.

4. Rub the front of the cartridge upward on towel 3-5x.


  • Storing razors in the shower may shorten their lifespan.
  • Do you really need pre-shave conditioners? Special shave cream? Aftershave? Skip them all --keep it simple, spend less, avoid nasty chemicals.

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