What do you think about electric toothbrushes?

We used electric toothbrushes ourselves until we learned that they can cause excessive wear on our gums that can lead to recession.

Several years ago, Dr. Steve Koral DMD, Harvard (our personal dentist and a leader in the field of preventive dentistry), advised against using electric toothbrushes since they could lead to excessive wear and tear on your teeth and gums due to the fact they rotate thousands of times a minute. Combining that with the common mistake of applying too much pressure will lead to premature gum recession.

As he put it — electric toothbrushes are really good at cleaning teeth, maybe too good.

When it comes to brushing teeth, we’re reminded of the delicate balance required to do the right amount of cleaning without causing excessive wear and tear on our gums.

The best thinking in preventive dentistry recommends using the bass method of brushing using light pressure. This is why we introduced our bamboo "Bass" Toothbrush — it is true to the revolutionary 1948 design by Dr. Charles C. Bass, seen by many as the father of preventive dentistry. And specifically designed to work optimally with the bass method of brushing. 

While not as sexy as electric toothbrushes, we are staying old school.

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