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  1. If you normally rush, try brushing a bit slower and intentionally focusing on areas that might need special attention such as along the gumline. 
  2. The longer you leave it in your mouth — the more nutrients will be absorbed. If you are experiencing gum issues try doing this at night for a few weeks. You don’t have to rinse since all our ingredients are edible and food grade.
  3. Prefer a paste? Add some of our Oil Pulling Mouthwash, a little at a time, to form a paste to your desired consistency.


  1. Brush gently at a 45-degree angle using a light circular motion paying close attention to getting under the gumline (aka the Bass Method of brushing). Our unique bristle layout is designed to effectively address the often neglected, yet critical area.
  2. Unlike ordinary toothbrushes, our toothbrush encourages a light touch. Its shorter handle is designed to be held by just a few fingers vs a fist. Using fingertips allows for greater precision and a lighter touch (brushing with a fist with force can lead to receding gums).
  3. Sharing a bathroom with other Akamai users? A simple way to avoid confusion is to put initials at the base of each handle with a permanent marker.
  4. After approx. 3 mos. you can compost the handle. The score near the base of the head makes it easy to snap off the head. Toss the head. Compost the handle.


  1. Set container next to sink on the counter — making it visible will help make it a habit.
  2. Use a mirror to reinforce good technique & daily inspiration — watch all that crud come out (easy to see with black color) — watching also improves technique and angling to get each side of the tooth.
  3. To avoid pushing food particles or plaque into gumline try this. Wait at least 30 minutes after eating — or at a minimum, swish mouth with water. Since brushing removes some plaque, we think it makes sense to brush first.
  4. Some floss refill spools may have an extra 2 to 3 feet of floss. These need to be unwound in order to fit in the refill container.
  5. NEED INSPIRATION? Flossing is improving your breath while reducing the risk of disease. You’re removing hard-to-reach bacteria associated with bad breath and oral/body diseases (e.g Alzheimer’s and heart disease).


  1. Taking a teaspoon-sized sip, swish, and pull the oil through your teeth and gums for a minimum of 5 minutes. The longer the better to get the full effects of detoxing your mouth and body — max 20 min.
  2. Use at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you have an active infection (eg. cavity, gingivitis) consider oil pulling 3 times daily.
  3. Hard to find the time or can’t do it first thing in the morning? Consider pulling while you’re in the shower.


  1. Focus on removing the whitish/gray film typically in the back. The tongue is self-cleaning in areas where it has a healthy pinkish-looking color.
  2. Be gentle — scraping too aggressively is not necessary to remove the coating and you could damage your taste buds.
  3. If you have a gag reflex, try sticking your tongue out and not starting too far back. Over time, your tongue should get used to the feel of it.
  4. Smooth, stainless steel surface easily rinses clean.
  5. NEED INSPIRATION? Just once try smelling the coating of what you removed from your tongue. Yes, it is gross! But this provided us with great motivation to make tongue cleaning a part of our daily oral hygiene routine — get this stuff out of your body!


  1. Start gradually with 2-3 drops! Increase according to label instructions based on your weight. (build up to approx. 1 drop per 15 pounds of body weight).
  2. Mask the flavor by adding to a morning smoothie — or a morning glass of lemon juice and filtered water to detox & rehydrate! Fulvic acid has a strong (and not so pleasant) taste. No need to struggle with this — simply mask the flavor.

    Our preferred method is to add fulvic acid drops, along with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt to a glass of filtered water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. A glass of lemon water first thing has all kinds of benefits and fulvic acid is an incredible electrolyte so it will help with rehydrating too.

  3. You can apply undiluted to things like bug bites and bee stings to help heal the skin.



  1. Shake well before each use. Since we don’t add any emulsifiers, the Fulvic Acid/Trace Mineral Concentrate will settle at the bottom of the bottle. 
  2. Apply while skin is still damp to help seal in moisture.
  3. Use as an aftershave. Soothes & reconditions skin prevents razor burn.
  4. Use as your hair conditioner — get rid of the cost, waste, and plastic of traditional hair conditioners. 1-3 pumps depending on hair length. Can also be used on dry hair to style and tame frizz.
  5. A gentle and effective way to clean your face. Massage on face. Put a warm washcloth over face for several seconds, and wipe off. (try this — your face will feel incredible!) 
  6. Shave your legs in the shower? Try using Skin Fuel — unlike soap it won’t wash away while trying to shave — and leaves legs silky smooth.

3 IN 1 BAR

  1. Use on the body: Avoid over washing and stripping away your skin's natural oils/disrupting a healthy microbiome. Do you really need to soap parts like your arms and legs every day? Rinse more, soap less, and just hit the stinky parts.
  2. Use for shaving: Rub bar across area to shave, and use hands to create a lather. Rich oils help the razor glide across your skin for a clean, close, comfortable shave. After, use Skin Fuel to soothe & moisturize. 
  3. Use as shampoo: Rub bar across hair to create a lather. Massage your scalp and work through your hair. Rinse well. If you need a hair conditioner, apply Skin Fuel.

    It might take a week or two for your scalp to adjust to this gentler approach. If your shampoo contained detergents, your scalp will continue its cycle of overproducing oil to offset the stripping effects. Learn more.

  4. Travel, Outdoor & Camping Friendly. Fully biodegradable and truly multipurpose — can be used for all of your on-the-go washing needs, even your clothing.


How to get 50-75+ uses out of each blade: 

1. Start with a high-quality blade. (after tons of research, we found the Gillette Mach3 to be the best — yes we realize P&G makes it — however, it has a simple 3 head design that utilizes the best-hardened steel available so it holds its edge longer. We always pull out the “lubricating strip” — see here).

2. Rinse the blades thoroughly with hot water until clean.

3. Shake off excess water and tap the back of the cartridge on a towel. You can also blow into the back of the cartridge head to push out water.

4. Rub the front of the cartridge upward on a towel 3-5x.

Keep handle and blade dry by storing outside the shower.


  1. Use anywhere that needs extra moisturizing, repairing, or healing  — from lips to hands, arms, legs, and face. Also for minor cuts and scrapes.
  2. Mixing with a squirt of Skin Fuel helps spread the balm over large surfaces.
  3. Use in dry, harsh conditions (e.g winter, really dry climates) to help seal in moisture and protect the skin.


  1. Always brush towards the heart (it's the way our lymphatic system flows).
  2. Best done before showering when skin is free from lotion or oil. Makes a great morning routine since it stimulates your system.
  3. Be gentle — vary the pressure depending on the area of the body. The brush may be too rough for your face - use your judgment.

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