What is the difference between the minerals in fulvic acid vs. what is already in my multivitamin/multimineral?

The minerals, trace elements and nutrients in fulvic acid and in our Fulvic Mineral Complex are organic, naturally occurring and plant based making them more absorbable and available to your cells.

This explanation is from greenmedinfo.com: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/your-multivitamin-toxic-0

“A word should be said here about the differences that exist between inorganic minerals and biologically active ones: The selenium that is found in foods like brazil nuts, mustard seeds, and fresh produce grown in selenium-rich soil, is infinitely different from unbound forms being put into some multivitamins...

The basic principle that explains this difference is that when you isolate a nutrient or vitamin out of the food complex within which it is naturally found, and where it is inseparably bound to thousands of known and unknown food factors (e.g., enzymes, lipids, protein chaperones, glyconutrients, etc.) it is no longer as beneficial to life and in some cases harmful to it.  This is especially true in the case of vertebrate mammals who are equipped to get their minerals from the plants they ingest or through the biotransformation of inorganic minerals to organic ones by microflora in their gastrointestinal tracts.”

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