What is the difference between Akamai FMC trace minerals and trace minerals from competitors and why is Akamai’s better?

FMC is a superior product compared to others on the market for several reasons.

  • It is packed with viable nutrients, unlike other mineral products which are actually made from coals like lignite or leonardite which contain little (if any) trace minerals or fulvic acids.
  • It contains a wide variety of nutrients, including high quantities of amino acids, trace minerals, fulvic acids, and humic acids without any of the metal, chloride, or carbon content found in other products.
  •  It is concentrated, so you only need 5 – 10 drops. Many products are sold in large bottles that are sometimes 32 ounces in size, meaning that the product is very diluted.
  • It is natural, from ancient plant sources. Others derive their mineral products from salt lake sources which can contain high levels of chloride and carbon.

 (Note: Be especially wary of “black water” products – these products contain high levels of carbon and coal dust which dramatically decrease the health benefits of the fulvic acids.)

Other common sources of trace minerals include:

1. Trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake:   

Pros - Natural Source that contains a high amount of magnesium as magnesium chloride.   

Cons - contains very high chloride content with no substantial trace mineral content.   The trace mineral content appears in part per billion -- there are more trace minerals in most ground waters.  These products are essentially a magnesium supplement.

2. Trace Minerals Extracted from Coal (leonardite):   

Pros- contain high potassium content with some organic acid content.   

Cons - Potassium content is the result of extracting the source material with potassium hydroxide.  Derived from a natural source that has to be synthetically extracted.  Very low trace mineral content.

3.  Colloidal Minerals from Utah:  

Pros- Contains fair organic acid content and trace mineral content. 

Cons - extracted using citric acid and cannot be concentrated due to the very high arsenic content in the source material.  

4. Zeolite:   

Pros - contains fair trace mineral content.  

Cons- usually extracted using sulfuric acid due to the source material being a type of rock formation.   No organic acid content, no amino acid content.

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