What can you tell me about the quality assurance of your Fulvic Mineral Complex?

Our supplier is a leader in fulvic and humic acid industry and uses a proprietary process developed over 20 years of research and development, in which they have evolved methods which naturally concentrate their product. While we cannot reveal the actual process details as it is a trade secret. Their methods avoid the use of high temperatures, pressures or chemicals and employ multi-stage reverse osmosis with purified water as the extractor. Within the industry, it is unique. They also maintain sustainable land practices which demonstrate their  "good stewardship" of their rare deposit and the surrounding land.

In addition to being produced under the guidance of Good Manufacturing Practices, our supplier employs the following testing methods:

The Lamar Standard Method of testing that results in a scientifically recognized quantification of the fulvic acid fraction of humic acid.

We also third-party test for the following:

 - Amino acid profile

 - Carbon content

 - Electrical conductivity

 - Humic acid

 - Free-form Fulvic Acid

 - Fulvates (Fulvic Acid-Bound Minerals)

 - Heavy metal content

 - Hydrogen content

 - Insecticide or chemical residues

 - Microbial profile

 - Mineral content

 - Nitrogen content

 - Oxygen content

 - Trace mineral content

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