How can I trust the quality of your product? What is your quality assurance?

The complex of humic and fulvic acids contained in their natural matrix from the earth (shale) are remarkable and rare. Stewardship of the land and the purity and consistency of our products are our top priorities. Stringent controls and processes are used for product consistency and solubility. Our manufacturer is the only top-tier fulvic supplier that submits our product to third party testing on every batch/lot produced. In this way we can guarantee the consistent quality of our product. A sample of each batch is reserved for compliance.


Fulvic Mineral Complex is tested using the Lamar Standard Method of testing that results in a scientifically recognized quantification of the fulvic acid fraction of humic acid. 

In addition, our manufacturer does third-party test for the following: 
 - Humic acid
 - Free-form Fulvic Acid
 - Fulvates (Fulvic Acid-Bound Minerals)
 - Amino acid profile 
 - Carbon content
 - Electrical conductivity
 - Heavy metal content
 - Hydrogen content
 - Insecticide or chemical residues
 - Microbial profile
 - Mineral content
 - Nitrogen content
 - Oxygen content
 - Trace mineral content


A Certificate of Analysis is performed on every lot/batch to ensure quality and purity (no contamination, pathogens or harmful ingredients). If you’d like a copy, please email us at


Our manufacturer’s CGMP methodologies (CGMP refers to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)) are set up for complete quality control by using efficient standard operating procedures and proprietary methods utilizing stainless steel, HDPE containers and industrial 2-stage reverse osmosis water filtration.

There are no explosives used to harvest the organic acids (fulvic and humic acid) or strip-mining. The organic acids are harvested in the most minimalistic ways possible in order to maintain the surrounding woodland and keep the land as pristine as possible.

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