Does Fulvic Mineral Complex contain Fluoride?

Our Fulvic Mineral Complex contains only naturally occurring trace minerals, in very small "trace" amounts (measured in parts per million) including Fluoride (calcium fluoride, not synthetic) - these natural forms are very different from the synthetic versions and act very differently in the body, are not toxic, and are necessary in very, very small amounts. We don't add anything to our complex except purified water - our fulvic acid comes from ancient compost, deep in the earth that is not polluted, but rich in nutrients.

This article talks about natural fluoride occurring in mountain spring water:

This article talks about naturally occurring fluoride in bottled water - the point being that it is very very small and doesn't bio-accumulate the same way that synthetic/toxic fluoride can.

If you are concerned about synthetic fluoride in your food, water and dental products (and you should be!) join The Fluoride Action Network for great information about fluoride and actions you can take to avoid it.

Want to go deeper about minerals and how they are ALL essential nutrients? Here is a good primer:

Fulvic Acid is amazing for health, it is unfortunate that there is a general lack of knowledge and misinformation about minerals, trace minerals and the difference between synthetic and natural forms, bioavailability, absorption, what is toxic and what isn't. 

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