Optimal Oral Health - it's a whole body approach

Outside of following a natural oral care routine with products that help control bad bacteria and support remineralization along with detoxing, what else will help? 

This is what we suggest:

#1 Work with a holistic or biological dentist that understands overall health and nutrition and is willing to help you find a cure for any issues you are having. This is very important - our oral health is the gateway to overall health! 

#2 Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin A and D - the best supplement for both is Cod Liver Oil since it is the most bioavailable. The best source of Vitamin D is from the sun - safe exposure means no sunscreen, at the right time of day for a limited time (15 to 20 minutes, depending on your location), preferably on your midsection. Download the DMinder app for timing your sun exposure to optimize vitamin D intake.

#3 Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin K2 which works in tandem with Vitamins A and D to build strong teeth, reduce caries and achieve optimal oral health. Here is a great article from WAPF on oral health and nutrition regarding K2 and the best sources.

#4 Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C and CoQ10 (as Ubiquinol)  both are powerful antioxidants against tissue damage and support collagen synthesis, important to gum health and strength. Choose natural vitamin C from Camu Camu and/or Amla - avoid synthetic versions, ascorbic and citric acid. Ubiquinol is typically better absorbed than CoQ10 - a liposomal version is superior since it is a fat-soluble nutrient.

#5 Take Mineral supplements. Minerals are deficient in our soil (except for calcium) so it is not available in much of our food (unless it is grown biodynamically or regeneratively), except marine-based foods like seaweed and some herbs (horsetail). Magnesium (chloride) and Trace minerals (plant based, like Akamai Fulvic Mineral Complex) are essential. Keep in mind, Calcium, which is important for healthy teeth and bones (along with Phosphorous and Potassium), is dependent on Magnesium to function properly in the body- most people are deficient in Magnesium which can lead to excess Calcium which is associated with many illnesses. 

These Cell Salts are beneficial (Hyland's brand is good)

Calcium Phos 6X  - bone health, gives solidity to bones and assists in building strong teeth

Calcium Fluor 6X  - assists with improving enamel of teeth and strengthening bones

Magnesium Phos 6X - bone development & quick pain relief associated with toothaches

Silica 6X  - assists in building strong connective tissue to support deficient assimilation.

Mineral supplementation, with natural, elemental, bioavailable forms (ie. chloride or plant based) helps support tooth remineralization through the roots and saliva, improving oral health AND overall health. 

As mentioned above, when it comes to minerals (all minerals) not only are most people deficient, they may have a poor balance between minerals and vitamins. If you want to find out exactly which minerals you need along with the supporting cofactors (ie. vitamins), do a hair mineral test and compare it to a full nutrient evaluation (blood serum test that also looks at a few major minerals). 

#6 Address (cure) acidity in the mouth. Consult your Holistic Doctor since it is typically related to diet and lifestyle or an underlying illness (reflux, acid indigestion, food sensitivities, leaky gut) or deficiency.  An overly acidic mouth will damage dentin and cause sensitivity (this is the number 1 cause) - you can make sure your oral PH is neutral by following your tooth brushing with a baking soda rinse (1/2 tsp of baking soda with 8 oz of water) - this is temporary but helpful. PH Adjust is helpful in raising PH.

#7 Address (cure) other potential causes of erosion: excessive use of whitening toothpaste and treatments, grinding of teeth, gum recession (periodontal disease) and aggressive brushing may all contribute to eroding dentin. There is a cure for all of these. Make sure your toothbrush is gentle, and that you brush correctly. We recommend the Bass method and our Bamboo Toothbrush - they have a bristle pattern, shape and spacing specifically designed to get into the gumline (brushing at a 45-degree angle).

In summary, a Holistic Dentist, proper nutrition and supplementation to add minerals and combat acidity, along with natural oral care products can go a long way in securing optimal oral health.

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