How to Replace the Refill Spool

How to refill the Infused Black Floss Container:
  1. When your Container is empty, pop open the case &  remove the old spool’s plastic ring.
  2. Insert a 2 month Refill spool.

What if the Spool Doesn't fit?  

Congratulations, you are part of the 10% of customers that received extra floss! Simply unwind a bit, cut off the excess and insert the spool. We know, it is not ideal - best to just pop it in and get on with your day, right?  When manufacturing there can be a slight variance in length, so customers will receive a spool with extra floss that won't fit without a few snips. 

What if the small metal part (floss cutter) comes loose? 

Just slide it back into position. To avoid losing this piece, be sure to open the container and change over a flat surface (not your sink!)

These extra steps may seem like a pain, but just think of the plastic you're saving by getting a Refill! Our planet is worth it.

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