Why did you get rid of the Toothpaste?

While toothpaste is pretty convenient, from an environmental standpoint, it's a bit of a disaster — with an estimated 1 billion tubes tossed annually. Plus, one of our goals is to sell products that are concentrated — eliminating fillers (even water) whenever we can. 

To make a paste we would have had to compromise the purity of our ingredient deck by adding "industry accepted" antibacterials/preservatives -- a line we will not cross.

Improving our health, while improving the health of our planet is one of our core values and we believe they co-create each other.

Finally, we will not bend when it comes to eliminating any suspect ingredients — this includes things like naturally derived/“supposedly benign” preservatives. Taking water out of the ingredients removes these concerns since, without it, we remove the possibility of unwanted bacterial growth.

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