How do the ingredients of the toothpowder compare to the toothpaste?

The formulations are essentially the same, with a few important refinements.  

We added/upgraded: baking soda (improved alkalinity & effective cleaning with a low RDA), organic essential oils, Himalayan sea salt, and a powdered, more concentrated version of our Fulvic Mineral Complex. 

We eliminated water (not needed since not making a paste and in reality, water is a cheap filler) coconut oil (since many people are allergic) and liposomal coQ10  (we still believe this form is incredibly beneficial to oral wellness, we take it as a supplement) — due to technical and stability reasons we needed to remove it.

Full ingredient lists below:

New Mineral Toothpowder:
 Calcium Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay (food grade), Kaolin Clay (non-irradiated), Baking Soda, Himalayan Salt, Fulvic Mineral Complex (powder), Essential Oils of Peppermint*, Cinnamon*, Clove*, Tea Tree*, and Anise (*certified organic)

Discontinued Mineral Toothpaste: 
Distilled Water, Calcium Montmorillonite Bentonite Clay (food grade), Kaolin Clay, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Fulvic Mineral Complex, Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise and Tea Tree, Liposomal CoQ10

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