How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

Note: Shipping is expensive for businesses (unless you are a mega-retailer like Amazon & Walmart). Our average shipping cost is over $10. Yet we charge our customer only $7.95 AND orders are shipped Carbon-Neutral at no additional costWhile some places use shipping as a profit center, we choose to subsidize the cost of shipping for our customers. 

You can help keep our costs in line by ordering more at a time. Fewer shipments = lower costs for everyone AND is much better for our planet! To encourage this, we have begun to offer bulk discounts (see individual products pages for details). Learn more about our commitment to Sustainability

OUR RATES (effective February 12, 2021)

For orders shipped within the continental US we offer:

  • $7.95 Flat-Rate Shipping
  • All orders over $60 ship for free

For orders shipped to Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands we offer: 

  • $9.95 Flat-Rate Shipping for one-time purchases
  • All orders over $75 ship for free

All orders ship out via USPS

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